Unique Scrapbook Ideas for Any Occasion

Tired of the same old scrapbook ideas? Me, too -- and that's why I've scoured magazines, craft stores, scrapbooking message boards, and the internet for new and original scrapbooking ideas.

The search itself was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of new scrapbook page ideas and layouts. But best of all, I found some fun new scrapbook ideas I'd never considered before.

Unique scrapbook ideas

1. Using gift wrap as paper backgrounds

Can't find exactly the type of scrapbook paper or cardstock you want? Get a plain (and inexpensive) piece of white cardstock and cover it with acid free gift wrap. This works particularly well for Christmas and birthday scrapbooks, but you can find gift wrap for almost any occasion imaginable.

2. Learn about vellum

You've probably seen vellum in the stores. It's a translucent material that softens and gives a misty effect to scrapbook pages, and you'll often find it in baby books or 'classier' scrapbook page ideas.

3. Don't limit yourself to pictures

Many people think scrapbook ideas should revolve around photographs, stickers, and other visual accents. And while these are, of course, important aspects of scrapbooking, never forget the more personal touch. A lock of hair, a child's handprint, or memorabilia like ticket stubs and posters can make fantastic additions to any scrapbook.

4. Create CD or DVD pockets

If you have music you associate with an event, or if you have a DVD you created of, for example, the kids' Christmas concert, create a pocket on the appropriate scrapbook page and use it to store these important pieces of memorabilia. Not only will they be there when you show off the scrapbook, you'll never have to worry about where you put them.

5. Consider scrapbooking without photos

Most scrapbook layout ideas involve photographs because most people scrapbook as a way to preserve precious family memories. However, if you search the internet for scrapbook ideas without photos, you'll find some truly stunning layouts. You probably wouldn't want to construct an entire scrapbook without using any photos, but one or two pages could make very creative additions to your projects.

If you're hurting for scrapbooking ideas, these five are sure to tickle your fancy: they were certainly new to me, and I've been scrapbooking as long as I can remember. One of the things I love about scrapbooking is how people share their ideas and creativity with one another, and hopefully you'll enjoy these unique scrapbook ideas as much as I have.


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