Tips For Scrapbooking Stickers Successfully

Whether you're new to scrapbooking or a seasoned pro, scrapbooking stickers will make your job easier, more fun, and less time consuming. Whether you use them for minor embellishments or make them a more central part of your scrapbook page, using stickers for scrapbooking is a fantastic way to add detail and interest to your work.

Using stickers for scrapbooking

There are a variety of ways to use stickers for scrapbooking, but observing a few simple tips and ideas can make your approach more artistic and effective.

-Make sure you use stickers that are safe for scrapbooking. You don't want them to destroy your work in a few short years.

-Look for sales, especially on seasonal stickers (the week after Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. is a great time to get bargains)

-Shop for second hand scrapbook stickers on eBay, at garage sales, and at flea markets

-Group stickers in odd numbers. Unless it's a very special type of sticker, one by itself looks strange and doesn't carry the page well.

-Remember that a scrapbooking sticker doesn't have to include a picture. You can get abstract scrapbook stickers and use them to tie a color theme together, or you can find sticker lettering, which can save you a lot of painstaking time and calligraphy work.

-To make them look more like they belong, outline scrapbooking stickers in dark marker, or create a boundary to contain them.

Specific types of stickers for scrapbooking

A scrapbooking sticker can be anything from a tiny heart to a massive half page abstract work of art. Whatever type of sticker you use, these tips will help you keep your page together.

-Small stickers can be difficult to work with. If you have trouble keeping hold of your stickers, use a toothpick to pick them up and press them into place.

-When using border stickers, don't try to apply the whole thing at once. Stick the top edge down and carefully drag your hand over the sticker, making sure you hold it in a straight line.

-Use staples in fabric folds with fabric scrapbook stickers -- it provides added security.

-Don't use too many raised or glittery stickers -- they make great accents but poor central focuses.

Stickers are an indispensable part of scrapbooking, so don't be afraid to use them. Whatever type of scrapbooking stickers you like, you're sure to find a use they'll fit!


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