Scrapbooking Supplies On The Cheap

The most difficult part about scrapbooking is scrapbooking supplies. Not finding them -- there are thousands of stores selling everything from paper to tiny, intricately detailed ornamentation -- but paying for them! Let's face it: scrapbook supplies are expensive. Nowhere but a scrapbooking store gets away with charging $55 for a rubber stamp.

Of course, there are some scrapbook supplies that are worth paying for -- things you'll use over and over again as you craft your scrapbooks, things you'll cherish and love. But there has got to be a cheaper way to keep your shelves stocked.

Finding discount scrapbook supplies

Whether you shop online or off, there are great ways you can get cheap scrapbook supplies. Here are some ideas for you to try.

1. Ebay: Former scrapbookers, or those who simply realize they've overloaded their homes, often try to unload packages of scrapbooking supplies for surprisingly low prices. You can get new stuff at discounts too if you keep your eyes open and browse people's stores.

2. Amazon: The Amazon marketplace is an incredible source of cheap everything, and scrapbook supplies are no exception. You can find store overstock, partially used supplies, and new discount supplies for surprisingly little. Take your time and browse through everything available.

3. Flea markets and garage sales: Like everyone else, crafters have to deal with the supplies spilling out of their closets, and they often do so by throwing everything into a box for a few cents each at garage sales, flea markets, and the like. Make a habit of stopping at these whenever you see one.

4. Auctions: The real ones, not the online versions. If you've never been to a real life auction, you're missing out: you can find some incredibly cool things at great prices. That can include discount scrapbook supplies. Most auctions allow you to browse the merchandise before the auction itself, so you won't waste your time on pieces you're not interested in.

5. Online stores: Do a search for 'buy scrapbooking supplies' on Google, and you'll literally turn up hundreds of hits. There are tons of online stores competing to sell you your crafting merchandise, and that often means hot sales and great deals for the savvy shopper. If you're looking for something specific, look in two or three places; otherwise, just browse for great deals.

6. Local discount store: The craft and scrapbooking stores are the most expensive places to get scrapbook supplies. Check the arts and craft areas of liquidation stores, dollar stores, and large department stores for cheap scrapbook supplies of equal quality.

Scrapbooking is a lot of fun, but paying for it isn't! If you want to keep from spending your kids' college funds on arts and crafts (and imagine explaining that in the future), check out these ideas for discounted scrapbooking supplies.


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