Scrapbook Party: Your Personal Guide

Have you always wanted to throw a scrapbook party? Maybe you've been to a friend's and had a great time, or maybe you just read about them and thought they sounded like fun. Either way, a scrapbooking party is a great way to get to know people, have fun, and learn new scrapbook tips and techniques.

Your scrapbook party planning guide

Whether you're Martha Stewart or someone who's never thrown a party in your life, there are a few guidelines that will make your party flow much more smoothly.

1. Decide who you're inviting and figure out the logistics. If you have a tiny home with a four foot square kitchen table, inviting twelve guests isn't going to work. There should be enough space for everyone to work comfortably -- in other words, no one should have to sit on the couch and awkwardly balance supplies on their lap.

2. Figure out the experience levels you're dealing with. If all of the guests are scrapbook veterans, your scrapbook parties won't look the same as those that aim to introduce the art to newbies. You can go either way. Sometimes, it's nice to do a mix so that each experienced scrapbooker gets one or two apprentices!

3. Inventory your supplies. You need enough scissors, glue, etc. to go around, and if you don't have it, you'll have to beg or borrow. It can also be fun to invest in a gift bag of small scrapbooking items for each guest -- except that they'll get their gift at the party's beginning rather than its end.

4. Make sure guests know what to bring. Many scrapbooking parties invite guests to bring extra scissors, favorite tools and paper, etc. Instruct guests to clearly label their items, or have a label maker ready (you can use wine charms too if you have an abundance). That way, you don't have to worry about people losing their supplies.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure guests (especially inexperienced scrapbookers) know to bring photographs to your party, and make sure they're aware of anything else you'd like them to bring. Keep in mind that whatever they don't bring with them, you have to supply as the party host.

5. Consider having some samples on hand. If this is your first scrapbooking party, having pre-made scrapbooking ideas can get people started.

6. Make sure you consider the other basics of party hosting. You don't need fancy decorations or anything, but you'll probably want refreshments -- and nothing too messy, as people may nibble while they work.

7. Allow enough time, but not too much. Between 3-4 hours is ideal for a scrapbook party. More, and guests get tired and frustrated; less, and they may not have enough time to finish their project.

Hosting scrapbooking parties is really pretty simple. You just need a place to work, some supplies, and some friends who love to try new things -- or explore new ideas. If you have all of that, your scrapbook party is sure to be a hit.


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