82 Scrapbooking Techniques: Painted Tissue Paper

Painted tissue paper can add a colorful flair to your children's artwork or scrapbook page.

To paint tissue paper, punch or tear bits of tissue paper into various shapes. Next, using watercolor pencils and a wet paintbrush thoroughly coat the tissue paper.

Then, dip the painted tissue paper in a mixture of Scrappy Glue and water and place it on white cardstock.

Let the pieces dry completely. Use the dry colored tissue paper as a background, a border, or as a fancy embellishment.

72 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Shrink Paper

Shrink art can add an abstract or child like feel to your photographs or scrapbook pages. Shrink art is easy to use.

First, print a photograph directly onto shrink plastic.

Next, punch a small hole into the top of the photograph. You will use this hole to later attach your photograph to your scrapbook.

Then, cook the photograph until it shrinks.

Shrink art paper is available at your local craft store.

67 Scrapbooking Supplies: Other Types of Paper

There are various types of paper that can be used for backgrounds or journal entries for various effects.

For instance, rice paper is a fine paper that can add elegance to a scrapbook page.

Conversely, papyrus is a coarse almost wood like paper creating an exotic feel to a scrapbook page.

Be aware, however, that some of these paper alternates are extremely difficult to work with, break easily, and may not preserve well.

66 Scrapbooking Techniques: Homemade Paper

Candy and soap molds can be used to make embellishments with that homemade paper look.

These embellishments can be used as an added touch for baby announcements, children's artwork, or elegant gift books depending on the shape and size.

Simply, mix water and cardstock in a blender.

Then, squeeze the excess water out of the paper and press the mixture in any candy or soap mold.

To make a thicker item, just add more pulp to each mold.

Allow the mixture to dry overnight before use.

65 Scrapbooking Supplies: Homemade Paper

For a unique background, try using homemade paper. This will add a wild look to your scrapbook page and is especially nice for children's books and artwork.

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38 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Textured Paper

Textured paper can add extra dimension to your scrapbooking page.

Textured paper can be used to highlight focus items on your scrapbook page.

Textured paper can also be used as a backgrounds or border to give your page an interesting fresh look.

Textured paper is available in a variety of textures and colors and is available in most craft and office supply stores.

37 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Patterned Paper

Patterned paper can be used for backgrounds, borders, and embellishments. Often plain white backgrounds look rather boring and dull.

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34 Scrapbooking Supplies: Colored Paper

Additional color can be easily added to your scrapbook page through different colored backgrounds, borders, and embellishments.

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27 Scrapbook Layout Ideas; Paper Tearing

As the word suggests, tearing is the ripping of paper or tissue paper into various shapes or abstract forms. Paper tearing creates an artist look to backgrounds, borders, and embellishments and is commonly used to come up with wonderful scrapbook layout ideas.

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