98 Hawaiian Shell Lei Borders

Leis can be used to make fancy three-dimensional borders. Leis add an exotic touch to holiday scrapbooks.

Gluing shells together and placing them directly on the scrapbook page makes a shell Lei. You can use ready-made leis or make your own.

97 Hawaiian Beaded Lei Borders

Leis can be used to make fancy three-dimensional borders. Leis add an exotic touch to holiday scrapbooks.

A beaded Lei is made by stringing large and small beads onto a string of embroidery cotton. Small yellow flowers and red berries can be added to create an even greater effect. You can use ready-made leis or make your own.

96 Traditional Hawaiian Lei Borders

Leis can be used to make fancy three-dimensional borders. Leis add an exotic touch to holiday scrapbooks.

A traditional Lei is made using paper orchids, roses, rounded mums, and cup and saucer flowers with punched shapes and then gluing them together.

To add a richer texture, cut these follows from velveteen paper. You can use ready-made leis or make your own.

71 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Scrap Backgrounds

Use your scrap bits to create great funky backgrounds. These items add texture and color to your work. Some interesting scrap material suitable for backgrounds include furniture casters, bits of linoleum, and carpet swatches.

Be aware, however, that some of these media alternates are extremely difficult to work with, break easily, and may not preserve well.

69 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Wood Backgrounds

Use your imagination and creativity to explore new materials for backgrounds. Some interesting wood like materials include bamboo, pop sickle sticks, and pieces of wood. These can add a playful, exotic, or outdoor feel to your scrapbook.

Be aware, however, that some of these media alternates are extremely difficult to work with, break easily, and may not preserve well.

68 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Woven Backgrounds

A woven background can create a natural feel or color to your scrapbook page.

Weaving can be done using fabric, yarn, straw, or reeds. This adds a handicraft or outdoor feeling to your scrapbook.

Simply alternate horizontal and vertical threads over and under.

If you are using straw, bark, or reeds, be aware that these materials do not preserve well.

61 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Hinges

Hinges are used to make pop up windows. However, by using hinges, you can make more permanent and stronger pop up windows made of wood. Generally the hinges are anchored to eyelets for increased support.

Hinges are available at any local hardware store.

60 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Pop Up Windows

Sometimes, you may want to temporarily hide photographs or objects behind a window.

These Pop up windows allow these items to be viewed and then hidden once again.

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59 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Eyelets

Eyelets are round stub-like pieces of metal. These items are generally used as a way to anchor difficult or heavy objects to your scrapbook pages.

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58 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Pockets

Sometimes, you may want to temporarily store objects in a pocket.

Pockets allow you take out and put back items or journals as you see fit and replace them without damage to your scrapbook page.

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53 Scrapbooking Techniques: Wax Resist

You probably experimented with the technique of wax resist in elementary school.

You take a clear or white crayon, draw a pattern, write words, create a background, and then color over the design element with acrylic paints, Lumiere, walnut ink, etc.

The wax will resist the paint and show through, resulting in a great design. Wax resist makes a creative background for children's artwork as well as children's scrapbooks.

51 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Fur

Fake fur can be used to add details to drawings and embellishments on your scrapbook page. Fake fur is fun on children's artwork, to create animal embellishments, or to create wild designs.

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50 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Popcorn Garlands

Add popcorn garlands to your Christmas scrapbook pages.

Just use a cloud punch to create the individual popcorns from regular paper. Next, crinkle the individual popcorns and roll them into tight balls. Then, glue individual popcorns together to make garlands. Add a red punch cranberry for additional color.

49 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Natural Objects

Various natural objects can be used as interesting and creative embellishments for your scrapbook page. Choose items that will add to your theme of outdoors or personal hobbies.

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48 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Dried Flowers

Dried flowers make elegant embellishments and accents in scrapbooks. Flowers can be placed whole, in bunches with other flowers, as petals, or punched into various shapes.

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44 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces make playful embellishments and borders. Puzzle pieces give a creative and playful look to children's art and educational scrapbooks.

Since, the bottom of the puzzle pieces is flat, gluing and placing puzzle pieces is simple. Be aware, however, that puzzle pieces are generally not lignin free and acid free. This could drastically reduce the life of your scrapbook page.

39 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Book Jacket Backgrounds

For an added personal touch and artist flair use a book jacket as a background.

This scrapbook technique looks especially nice when the book jacket is the reader's favorite book or author, adding a wonderful personalized touch.

Be aware, however, that the glossy coating on the book jacket creates an added challenge to sticking objects to this background.

Alternative attachment methods include sewing and eyelets.

32 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Accents

Simple accents can be added to your pictures, borders, and backgrounds to create an air of softness and elegance. Simply rub chalk (or eye shadow) along the edges of the paper. The color of chalk chosen can be either a similar color to the background, a contrasting color, or an outlining color such as black or grey depending on the result you want.

31 Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Leather Look

A leather look can add elegance to your scrapbooking page.

To create a unique leather look, simply distress cardstock. To do this, grip the cardstock in your hands. Then, with a gentle circular motion, rub the cardstock together as if you were pre-treating a laundry stain. Gradually, work your way around the cardstock until you get the desired effect.

30 Antique Scrapbook Layout

An antique scrapbook layout can increase the dramatic impact of your theme or add a feeling of wisdom and age to your scrapbooking page.

Adding an antique scrapbook layout to your background or journals can be accomplished in several ways.

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29 Scrapbook Layout Ideas; Curled Edges

For a unique look to your background and borders, curl the edges of your border and background pages.

Curled edges give depth to a scrapbook page. Furthermore, curled edges can soften and reduce the focus of a busy scrapbook page by directing the eye outwards.

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21 Scrapbook Layout Ideas; Photograph Mosaics

An attractive technique for placing photographs into scrapbooks is the photograph mosaic. Mosaics stretch photographs into an artistic rendition of the original photograph.

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20 Scrapbook Organization Using Collages

Having trouble with your scrapbook organization? Try using collages when creating your scrapbook pages. Collages are congregations of photographs or news clippings.

These items can be placed in any order or pattern. Collages can have a theme such as a single individual or an entire family group combined.

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11 Spacing Your Scrapbook Pages

Spacing your scrapbook pages is a difficult matter. There is a fine line between having balanced scrapbook pages and a gaudy mess. If items are too closely spaced your reader will feel overwhelmed. If your items are spaced to far apart your viewer will feel short changed when looking at your scrapbook pages.

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10 Clutter Free Scrapbooking Patterns

How can you arrange your scrapbook page to best show off your mementos and embellishments as well as achieve clutter free scrapbooking patterns?

You can place everything in the center of your page, place a single focus item in the center, or divide the page into sections adding items to each section.

You may also choose to lay the items out in a standard recipe or calendar layout. These classic methods work well in creating clutter free scrapbooking patterns

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6 The Order of Your Scrapbook Pages

When deciding on the order of your scrapbook pages, there are no specific rules stating that all photographs or mementos must be placed in chronological order. Therefore, it is completely up you the order you wish to place your items and embellishments on your scrapbook pages.

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5 Scrapbook Layout with Photographs

Designing a scrapbook layout that contains photographs can be rather tricky. Often photographs aren't quite the right shape and size or the photographic image is improperly centered and will throw off the layout of your scrapbook.

Having oversized or off centered photographs creates an air of unprofessionalism. Carefully cropped and sized photographs, on the other hand, enhances the overall look and feel of your scrapbook layout.

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1 Scrapbooking Theme

The theme of your scrapbook can be simple or complex. Your theme could be a special event such as a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding, Christmas, or Halloween.

Themes can also be personalized to the scrapbook recipient's special interests. Special interests themes include favorite colors, sports, favorite television programs, music, the outdoors, or cultural influences.

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