How to Make Scrapbooking Cards

If you can scrapbook, you can make scrapbooking cards. In fact, it's a really easy transition. Whether you use photos and actually make a mini scrapbook layout or just put your scrapbook skills to work, card making is a fun way to branch into other artistic endeavours while using up old scrapbooking supplies.

Getting started

Never tried scrapbooking card making before? No problem. Here's what you need.

-A collection of blank cards and matching envelopes (usually available relatively inexpensively at craft stores and stationary shops)
-Your scrapbooking supplies
-Transfers, stencils, or stamps to do the lettering
-Inspiration for what sort of message you want the card to include

With all of this laid out before you, it's time to get started. When you're considering scrapbooking card ideas, think about the recipient and the occasion. Would the recipient prefer something funny, outlandish, sentimental, or sweet? Whatever -- or whoever -- you're working with, that's what should guide your card making.

Doing the decorating

Making scrapbooking cards is much like making a scrapbook page in miniature. Choose a focal point. In your scrapbook, that would be a photo. Here, it might be a picture, a cartoon, a sticker, some words, or what have you. This is going to be the largest part of your card, and everything else will complement it.

Speaking of photos, don't forget that you can create photo scrapbooking cards, too. For example, a shot of the kids sitting on Santa's lap makes a fantastic focal point for Christmas cards. You can transfer your scrapbooking skills very directly if you start with a photo.

Choose accents that work with your focal point and piece it all together on the card front, just like you would when designing a scrapbook page. Use borders, accents, and the like: there's no wrong way to do this.

Looking inside

Obviously, what's inside the card matters as much as what's on the outside. If you look at commercial cards, the outside is the fancy part while the inside contains the message. Scrapbooking cards are not much different. Of course you can decorate the inside of the card with stickers, stamps, and the like, but take it easy: you want the message to dominate.

If you're stuck for a message, look up a handy quote online -- it's always a good way to make yourself sound like you've got it all together!

Finishing touches

Once you get good at scrapbooking card making, you'll start to add your own extra touches. For example, you might cover the outside of the card in a nice scrapbook paper before you decorate, or use paints and markers to add a more personal touch.

Use your imagination! Remember, there's no wrong way to do a craft, and your scrapbooking cards will always be more personal than something storebought, no matter how you put them together.


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