Halloween Scrapbook Layouts to Make You Scream

Looking for Halloween scrapbook layouts? Aren't we all! And while I'm sure you don't want to copy someone else's Halloween scrapbook ideas, it can be a lot of fun to look through other people's ideas to get inspiration. After all, scrapbookers are a sharing lot, and that's why we post our work online: we're proud of it, and we want to share what we've come up with.

So don't be bashful about borrowing Halloween scrapbook layouts and then making them your own. That's half the fun of scrapbooking! Below you'll find some general Halloween scrapbook ideas as well as links to some great examples of fantastic pages -- everything you need to inspire your holiday hijinks.

How to make a Halloween scrapbook

Just in case you're new to this scrapbooking thing, here are some basic tips on Halloween scrapbook layouts.

1. Don't feel you have to stick to traditional colors. Black and orange will give you that instant Halloween feel, but reds and yellows can evoke the sense of autumn, and green can mesh nicely with a page about pumpkins. Alternatively, if your photos focus primarily on a kid's costume, for example, pick a prominent color from the costume and use it as your background.

2. Only use your very best photos, and try to avoid too much repetition. Four pictures of your daughter in her princess costume, all on the same page themed around princesses, is cute. Ten of them scattered throughout your whole Halloween scrapbook starts to get boring, especially if they're all pretty much the same.

3. Go nuts with embellishments! Halloween is an over the top holiday, so make your page as spooky, strange, and ghostly as you like. That's part of the fun of Halloween scrapbook pages: you can do a lot of crazy things you might not get away with if it was another holiday.

Inspirational Halloween scrapbook layouts

So much for the basics -- on to the specifics. Here are five scrapbook pages that really exemplify what a Halloween scrapbook can be if you put time and effort into the design.

1. 'Witch' Pumpkin?

This page showcases simplicity: it's an extremely basic design with a cute pun, and the whole thing fits together perfectly.

2. Happy Haunting

This page does an amazing job with embellishments. There are only 2 photos on the page, but they still get front and center -- the beautiful extras don't detract from what really matters.

3. Happy Halloween

Lots of pictures and nice organization make this page a visual treasure.

4. Happy Haunting (2)

This is another very simple layout, but I like it because it shows how you can use 3 very similar pictures effectively.

Happy Halloween, and enjoy creating your Halloween scrapbook layouts.


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