Finding Spectacular Scrapbook Ideas

If you love scrapbooking ideas, you probably already know some places to find them. But even if you're a scrapbooking pro, you probably sometimes find yourself struggling for inspiration. Fortunately, scrapbookers are a friendly group, and there's never any shortage of people willing to share and discuss their scrapbooking ideas and layouts.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert, these suggestions for scrapbooking ideas will keep your brain and fingers busy.

Great places to find scrapbook layout ideas

If you're stuck for scrapbook page ideas, try these suggestions.

1. The internet. Obviously you already use the internet to find scrapbook ideas, since you're reading this article. But it's amazing just how many scrapbook page ideas you can find online. Just on this site there are literally hundreds of ideas you can browse and adapt for your needs.

2. Magazines. There are dozens of scrapbooking magazines out there, both online and in print. You can subscribe to your favorites, and many of them will send you free trial issues. Better still, many of them maintain websites with free suggestions and tips. And best of all, almost every public library subscribes to these magazines, meaning you can plunk yourself down in a cozy corner with a notebook and get tons of free ideas.

3. Books. Again, your local library is a treasure trove of craft books, including scrapbooking ideas. If you find something you really love, local craft and bookstores also carry many different scrapbooking books.

4. Classes. Many towns and cities offer scrapbooking classes at local craft centers or community centers. Even if you're an experienced scrapbooker, it can be worth signing up for these courses to get a different perspective, meet new people, and gather new scrapbook ideas.

5. Craft stores. Craft stores -- or better yet, stores aimed specifically at scrapbookers -- often carry samples of how to use their products. If you browse their aisles, you'll find many new scrapbook materials as well as tons of suggestions on how to use them.

6. Friends and other scrapbookers. It's worth your time to gather a circle of friends who also enjoy scrapbooking as much as you do. Make a point of getting together once or twice a month to share projects, tips, and ideas, as well as leftover materials or supplies you no longer use. You'll save money, have fun, and build a huge bank of scrapbook layout ideas.

7. Try something new. If you find a totally alien accent in a store, one that appeals to you but clashes with every other scrapbooking item you own, go out on a limb and buy it. You never know what you'll discover once you start experimenting.

Once you start scrapbooking, you'll probably have too many ideas rather than too few. Fortunately, that's never a problem -- just keep a notebook to catalogue all of your inspirations. Add a few scrapbook ideas from these sources, and you'll have enough to keep you going for years to come.


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