Creating a School Scrapbook

Making a school scrapbook is a great way to spend time with your kids. Not only that, it will help them build a collection of memories that last a lifetime. Be honest: how many of us can clearly remember the second grade? But if someone showed you pictures or objects from that time, chances are the memories would come flooding back. They're still there -- just buried under other stuff.

By helping your child create a school memories scrapbook, you're giving them the gift of those memories -- a gift they'll appreciate far into the future. Who knew the simple act of scrapbooking a few photos could have such a profound impact?

Ideas for collecting photos

Creating school scrapbook pages is also a great way to keep from cluttering up the house with 500 child drawings and reports. Each year, save your child's schoolwork and artwork. Then have them pick five or six pieces that they're especially proud of and use those in your school days scrapbook. The rest can go -- let's be honest: you're not going to miss the other 50 if you have a few great samples of your kids' work.

Become a picture nut, too. Show up at as many school events as possible and take pictures like crazy. Of course, you'll want to make sure you order your child's class photo. And don't be afraid to include pics from birthday parties, Christmas concerts, and the like.

If you can't get to many school events because of work or other obligations, there's no need to panic -- there are many ways to get school photos. Make a deal with parents who can attend these things and ask them to snap some shots of your kid and email them. Most schools have websites these days, and they often post pictures you can download. Alternatively, ask the school directly if there are any pictures you can have.

Helping your child with scrapbooking ideas

Making a school memories scrapbook is a great summer activity: it keeps the kids busy, plus you can sort through photos from the entire year. You can (and should) supervise and assist, but don't get too worried if their school scrapbook pages don't exactly match the beautiful models you see online. This is their scrapbook, after all, and the mismatched colors will be as much of a memory as the photos.

If you really want a beautiful layout, consider duplicating photos and making your own school days scrapbook. That way, the kids have two scrapbooks to remember their school times, and they can go nuts on their own book because you'll always have the second one if something goes wrong.

Any kind of crafting makes a great family activity, but when you're working with school memories, you have a special opportunity to bond and create together. It's an easy way to pass along your love of scrapbooking and help your kids remember the school year in a positive way -- maybe even get excited for the next one. Making a school scrapbook is about a lot more than keeping busy on a rainy day.


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