Basic Scrapbook Ideas for Any Occasion

It's not hard to find scrapbook ideas online, but there are some basic organizational principles you need to understand if you want to make the scrapbook your own. Using online scrapbooking ideas is great, but if you don't plan to copy the page exactly as someone else did it -- and why would you? -- there are some basic scrapbook principles you need to know.

Simple ideas for scrapbooking

Whether you're looking for specific ideas for scrapbook pages or just thinking about throwing together your very own special set of memories, keep the following ideas in mind:

1. Less is more.

You don't need to include every single vacation photo in your scrapbook. A cluttered, difficult to read page won't make your scrapbook more interesting -- it will only make it more confusing.

2. Keep the focus on the photos

Embellishments and decorations make fantastic ideas for scrapbooking, but remember where the focus should be: on your photos and memories. No matter how wonderfully artistic you are, save your talents for your sketchbook. Never put anything in a scrapbook that doesn't draw attention to or complement your photos.

3. Unify, unify!

You need something to hold your scrapbook together. That could be the theme (all the pictures are from the family vacation), but it should also be a color, a style, or what have you. For example, you could focus on primary colors in a scrapbook about your kids, or you could include similar embellishments on every page. Just make sure something binds your scrapbook as a whole entity rather than a bunch of pages stuck together.

4. Measure twice, cut once

It's an old carpentry saying, but it also makes sound scrapbook ideas. Before you cut or glue anything, lay everything out on the page so you can see how it all works together. That way, you can move things around, redecorate, and just generally make sure you have the perfect layout before you do anything irreversible -- or mess up your expensive scrapbooking supplies!

Remember, scrapbooking is a lot of fun and anyone can do it -- but there some basic principles that will help you make sure your scrapbook holds together as a bright, unified object people enjoy browsing. Keep these scrapbook ideas in mind as you set out to design your masterpiece.


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