A Family Summer Scrapbook

Do you wait for Fall to do your summer scrapbook? Most of us do -- after all, there's not much time when the summer's still in full swing and we're in the midst of making memories. But if you wait for Fall to plan, you could be missing out on a lot!

Getting the whole family involved makes coming up with summer scrapbooking ideas fun and easy. Not everyone may love scrapbooking (or, depending on age, be able to scrapbook), but they can all be involved with collecting scrapbooking supplies and choosing the perfect memories.

How to make your summer scrapbook a family activity

At the very beginning of the summer, hold a brief family meeting. Explain to the family your plan for your summer scrapbook. At this point, it may simply be that you're going to make one, or you may have it planned out in lots of detail. If the kids are old enough, encourage them to each make one or two pages of their own to contribute to the family memories.

Let the family know that throughout the summer, you'll be looking for scrapbooking supplies, photographs, and opportunities. If you do this right, your summer will ring with, 'Hey, this could be a scrapbook moment!' You'll be amazed at how many photos other people capture on your behalf that can be included in your scrapbook.

Better still, make it clear that it's not just pictures you're after. If the kids find the perfect sticker in a store -- if Dad saves a particularly exciting scorecard from a game of golf -- if Mom keeps ticket stubs from a baseball game -- it's all great additions to the scrapbook.

Kids, in particular, are amazing at coming up with scrapbooking supplies. They may get a bit carried away (I once found myself patiently explaining why three dozen rocks my daughter spent all summer collecting could not make a scrapbook page), but they'll also deliver some very cool things and ideas.

For instance, my son once spread white glue on a page and sprinkled it with sand before gluing down his pictures. When I asked him where the sand had come from, he said he'd put some in a bag and saved it from 'our perfect day at the beach,' specifically so he could do some summer scrapbooking. Talk about a proud mom!

When you do things this way, scrapbooking becomes a family affair. Even people who don't love the craft (ie, my husband) will get into saving things for you and taking snapshots, as long as you don't expect them to assemble layouts later on.

This year, don't slave away in isolation. Have fun making your summer scrapbook an adventure for the entire family.


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