6 The Order of Your Scrapbook Pages

When deciding on the order of your scrapbook pages, there are no specific rules stating that all photographs or mementos must be placed in chronological order. Therefore, it is completely up you the order you wish to place your items and embellishments on your scrapbook pages.

You can order your scrapbook pages in a formal chronological order. You can also group items into formal or informal categories such as similar colors, events, activities, individuals, or families. Items can also be placed into random, abstract, or collage categories on your scrapbook pages.

Each order has its own place in scrapbooking. For instance, chronological order might be useful for an anniversary scrapbook. Pictures and mementos of the couple's years together could be placed from the first day they met through the wedding day to the present day with each time period on different pages of the scrapbook. This presents a feel of as time goes by.

However, a scrapbook for a parent might just have a collage of pictures and drawings. In this case, collage style scrapbook pages lends to a feeling of being overwhelmingly loved.


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