64 Scrapbooking Supplies: Charms

Metal charms aid a unique personalized element to scrapbook pages. Charms are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes to fit nearly any theme.

In this way, charms can be added to memento, graduation, or gift scrapbooks to create a personalized feeling to the page.

There are several ways to attach charms to your page. One way to attach metal charms is by sewing the charms directly onto your page with thread or embroidery cotton. This method works well on scrapbooks with fabric backgrounds.

Another method is to string wire through the charm and attach both end of the wire to secure eyelets. The ends of the wire are then pushed into the background where it is hidden from view.

A third method is to glue the charm directly onto the scrapbook page. Most regular glues do not work on metal. However, check out your local hardware store for metal glues or contact cement. These specialty products will work just fine.


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