5 Scrapbook Layout with Photographs

Designing a scrapbook layout that contains photographs can be rather tricky. Often photographs aren't quite the right shape and size or the photographic image is improperly centered and will throw off the layout of your scrapbook.

Having oversized or off centered photographs creates an air of unprofessionalism. Carefully cropped and sized photographs, on the other hand, enhances the overall look and feel of your scrapbook layout.

There are two ways to solve these scrapbook layout problems. The low tech way to solve these problems are to manually crop and shape the photograph you're using for your scrapbook with a pair of scissors or an exacto knife.

If you are manually cropping and cutting pictures, make sure that you mark the outline you want with chalk (or eye shadow if you don't have chalk) before you cut. Remember the old saying, measure twice and cut once.

To manually change a distracting or cluttered background simply cut out the background and replace it with a with a new paper background. This type of scrapbook layout allows the eye to focus on the people instead of the clutter behind them.

The high tech solution to your photograph woes is to use modern computer programs such as Photo Editor. Using these programs, photographs can be magically darkened, brightened, sharpened, enlarged, and cropped without ruining your original photograph. Some programs even allow you to change the background of the photograph to match any scrapbook layout that you come up with.


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