4 Scrapbooking Photographs

Most scrapbooks will contain photographs. Even the most disinterested reader of your scrapbook will glance at the photographs.

Why pay attention to scrapbooking photographs? Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Therefore, it is important to choose photographs that are of good quality and clearly illustrate your scrapbook theme.

All types of photographs can be used in a scrapbook. Even instant photographs can be used in scrapbooking. Just be careful that the chemicals within the photographs do not spill out on the rest of your scrapbook. Digital pictures can easily be printed right onto lignin-free and acid -free paper.

Always keep in mind that scrapbooking is permanent. Therefore, it is probably preferable to use copies of your only photograph of Great Grandma rather than risk ruining them forever. Simply scan the photograph on your computer scanner and print the image on lignin free and acid free paper.


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