25 Scrapbooking Tools; Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps dipped in acid free ink can be used to create various embellishments. Rubber stamps can be used to create cute images for children's and grandparents scrapbooks.

They can also be simple flowers or leaves to create elegant looks for gift scrapbooks.

Furthermore, these embellishments can be used to focus on a certain photograph or memento. Alternately, these embellishments can be used to soften the look of a busy or sharp image.

One low cost alternative to the rubber stamp is a cotton ball. This creates a shadowy effect.

Another alternative is to buy the pads and attach them to furniture castors. The thick caster allows you to position the stamp in exactly the right place.

Moreover, attaching rubber stamps to a wider base allows you to press more evenly on the stamp. This creates complete and evenly balanced rubber stamps every time.


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