20 Scrapbook Organization Using Collages

Having trouble with your scrapbook organization? Try using collages when creating your scrapbook pages. Collages are congregations of photographs or news clippings.

These items can be placed in any order or pattern. Collages can have a theme such as a single individual or an entire family group combined.

Collages create great funky scrapbook pages. This method of scrapbook organization is especially useful for surprise scrapbooks meant to overwhelm the reader either with all of their accomplishments or all those that care for them.

In addition to photographs and news clippings, collages can also contain blocks of text or embellishment. These additions can be used to increase the busyness and overwhelming nature of the collage or reduce the effect slightly by distracting the focus away from the collage, depending on how you prefer to handle your scrapbook organization.

To reduce shifting of the photographs as you select an appropriate collage design, place temporary tape on each photograph or newspaper clipping. Once the display is set, start permanently attaching the collage to the background.

Scrapbook organization using collages is a very popular method for most scrapbook fans. Given the right attention, this style of scrapbook organization can create for very unique, personalized and very warm scrapbooks that appeal to everyone.


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