18 Where to Find Free Scrapbooking Art

Looking for free scrapbooking art to include in your scrapbooks? Here's a unique way of finding free scrapbooking art, right at your own home.

Kids bring home the greatest creations of macaroni, glitter, and finger paint. Unfortunately, the macaroni bits and glitter is soon all over the floor or eaten by the dog.

To save these creations, without the macaroni and glitter mess, simply scan and print your child's creations for use in your next scrapbook, and Voila! You now have an amazing and unique layout with free scrapbooking art created by your loved ones.

Kid's art is great for use for kid's rooms, grandparent scrapbooks, and kid's scrapbooks. These free scrapbooking art can be used as backgrounds, as focus items, or as embellishments.


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