14 Scrapbook Products that Lasts

You put a great deal of time, thought, and effort into your scrapbook pages so why not put a little more thought into the kind of scrapbook products you will need to make your scrapbook last? You should try to protect and preserve your work.

The most important way to protect your pages is by using lignin free and acid free scrapbook products.

Lignin free and acid free scrapbook products will reduce yellowing and crumbling. Also, use colored paper or ink that is resistant to fading due to age, exposure to light, heat, and other unfavorable conditions.

To protect your page from the outside world, consider using scrapbook products such as Mylar or page protectors .

Special page protectors for three-dimensional pages are also available at most craft stores. These protection pages not only protect your objects but also reduce indentations caused by three-dimensional objects.

When shopping around for scrapbook products, keep these points in mind and your scrapbook will last for generations as a treasured family heirloom.


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