13 Getting Rid of Scrapbook Messes and Mistakes

No matter how careful you are, you will undoubtedly find a mistake, mark, or mess on your finished scrapbook page. If you find a mistake, mark, or glue bits on your scrapbook page, just rub it off using a soft white eraser.

Alternately, make the mark into an interesting squiggle or doodle that fits in with the scrapbook page.

For mistakes in journal text, cover the mistake with a sticker the same color as the scrapbook journal page. Then, just write over the sticker. White out can also be used for white pages.

Fingerprint smudges on your photographs can be removed by rubbing the fingerprints with a piece of flannel or a dry baby wipe.

Excess powder or glitter can be brushed away from your scrapbook pages. This is time consuming and frustrating. The best solution is to reduce static electricity before you add the powder or glitter. Just place a dryer sheet on top of the scrapbook page before you work.


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