11 Spacing Your Scrapbook Pages

Spacing your scrapbook pages is a difficult matter. There is a fine line between having balanced scrapbook pages and a gaudy mess. If items are too closely spaced your reader will feel overwhelmed. If your items are spaced to far apart your viewer will feel short changed when looking at your scrapbook pages.

Look at your page.
Close your eyes.
Open them again.
Does your page look cluttered?
Does your page have more photographs than background?
Are your embellishments drawing the focus away from your mementos?

Then, you need to simplify your scrapbook pages a bit and increase the spacing between objects. Remember you can always add more pages.

Is your page bare?
Is your page uninteresting and colorless?

Then, think about adding some more mementos and colorful embellishments. In this way, you can decrease the spacing between objects making your scrapbook pages more energetic.


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