10 Clutter Free Scrapbooking Patterns

How can you arrange your scrapbook page to best show off your mementos and embellishments as well as achieve clutter free scrapbooking patterns?

You can place everything in the center of your page, place a single focus item in the center, or divide the page into sections adding items to each section.

You may also choose to lay the items out in a standard recipe or calendar layout. These classic methods work well in creating clutter free scrapbooking patterns

Shapes also make interesting placement patterns. Common shapes include circles, squares, hearts, and stars. However, you can also place items in object patterns such as mountains, trains, or Christmas trees.

The shape you choose for your scrapbook will depend entirely on your theme. For instance, a logical shape for a wedding or Valentines Day scrapbook is a heart. A nice shape for a Christmas scrapbook is a Christmas tree. You might make a cake pattern for you niece the pastry cook. Let your imagination and creativity be your guide.

Various ready made patterning templates are available on the market. If you search online using the keyword "scrapbooking patterns" or "free scrapbooking patterns" you'll be able to find tons of resources from other scrapbooking fans.


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